Sultan Qaboos University Celebrates its 23rd Annual Day

01 May, 2023 |


Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) celebrated its 23rd annual day amid scientific and research achievements.

The celebration ceremony was held under the patronage of Sheikh Al Fadl Mohammed Al Harthy, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers.The event included an exhibition with 23 wings of various units at SQU.

Dr. Amer Saif Al Hinai, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Higher Education and Research, announced 9 research projects which received Royal backing for 2023. Those projects deal with activating and enhancing the contribution of the fisheries sector to sustainable economic development and economic diversification, using ‘Al Mabsali’ variety of dates to produce innovative food products, transforming SQU’s and Oman’s public schools chemistry curricula to become eco-friendly, producing new formulations of local microorganisms to be used in biological control against plant diseases, studying the characteristics of colorectal cancer in Oman, surveying climate data, solar radiation and the environment of Oman, surveying intruding myna birds, enhancing non-oil economic activities through potentials in the sports sector and developing 3D printing capabilities by using local material.

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