SQU,be’ah sign two cooperation agreements

16 Mar, 2023 |

 Sultan Qaboos University has signed two cooperation agreements with Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (be'ah) to achieve sustainable development goals in line with Oman Vision 2040. The agreements were signed by H.H. Sayid Dr. Fahad Bin Al-Julanda Al Said, Vice Chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University, and Tariq bin Ali Al Amri, CEO of “be'ah”.

The first agreement aims to establish a reuse center to benefit from consumed materials and their economic value by finding alternative opportunities for reuse. The center will be located within the university campus to promote the culture of reuse among students from different governorates, contributing to raising awareness and achieving sustainability principles in the community.

The center will receive reusable materials from local communities to repair and rehabilitate those using innovative methods, culminating in the recycling of non-reusable materials. The center will also promote social and economic contribution by hiring and training individuals from low-income groups, refining their skills, and enabling them to enter the job market. Moreover, the center aims to enhance local talents in art, design, and professional skills through volunteering in center activities. Additionally, the center will benefit several sectors, such as education, employment, environment, economy, and culture.

The center will also contribute to achieving be'ah's goals by promoting circular economy initiatives and green sustainability practices throughout Oman.

The second agreement aims to develop a project to produce biogas from organic waste diverted from engineered landfills through cost-effective and efficient biological techniques. This project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, produce biogas which can be utilized to produce electricity, and organic fertilizers as outputs, and contribute to the sustainable management of organic waste in Oman.

Overall, these agreements aim to enhance sustainable development and reduce environmental impact while creating job opportunities and promoting social and economic contribution.

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