Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Conducts First Surgery of Its Kind in Oman

02 Feb, 2023 |

A specialized medical team from the Pediatric Surgery Unit at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) conducted the first surgery of its kind Oman. The surgery involved endoscopic transplantation of ureters from within the bladder of a one-year-old baby girl.

The head of the medical team, Dr. Zainab Nasser Al Balushi, Senior Consultant in Pediatric Surgeon, Head of the Pediatric Surgery Unit and Deputy Director General of the SQUH for Medical Affairs, said that the girl was suffering from frequent urinary infections and reflux of urine from the ureters.

X-ray examination revealed the existence of more weakness in the left kidney compared to the right kidney due to infections and reflux, Dr. Zainab explained.

She told Oman News Agency (ONA) that the surgery aimed at diminishing the occurrence of urine infections by 50 percent. She noted that the operation took about 4 hours logistically and medically and that the case was monitored for 5 days until the patient’s discharge from the hospital, in good health.

The surgery is one of the world’s rare operations. Few medical centres could conduct such types of operations. The Sultan Qaboos University Hospital seeks to provide the best health care and services to the community.

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