Technical Festival Features 20 ICT Projects

13 Feb, 2018 |

The eighth Technical Festival of Sultan Qaboos University, organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the University under the title "Zero, One", was opened under the patronage of Dr. Rahma bint Ibrahim Al Mahrouqi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research. The Technical Festival this year spread Information and technology culture in the society in general and the university community in particular, coordinate the activities of the IT groups at the university, exchange experiences in the field of ICT and incubating project ideas.

The highlight of the festival was an exhibition featuring 20 ICT projects by students from SQU and other universities and colleges in the Sultanate including the University of Nizwa, the German University of Technology, Caledonian College, the Middle East College and the Higher Colleges of Technology. The event included an open day featuring various entertainments for visitors. A computer maintenance corner where students could avail free service was organized on 13 February in front of the university's open theater in the evening. The event also included a forum consisting of four panel discussions by experts in information and communication technology.

Osman bin Zahran Al Salti, Chairman of the Technical Group that organized the event, said the term “Zero One” indicates the binary system that uses only two symbols “zero and one”, commonly used in digital and computer circuits. The theme indicates information and communication technologies. The exhibition accompanying the forum gatherd technical projects done by students from various student groups including the Technical Group at the Deanship of Student Affair’s, and students from other colleges.

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