Talk Gives Insight into Global Peace and Security

08 Oct, 2019 |

On Monday, 7 October 2019, the International Cooperation Office, in association with the Department of Political Science at SQU, organized a lecture on “Global Peace and Security: Scenarios and Opportunities” delivered by Michael Binyon, eminent journalist who has been an editorial writer, columnist and foreign correspondent for The Times (of London) since 1971.

In his talk, Mr. Michael Binyon discussed the peace and security issues in the Middle East and the Gulf. He explored the confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia and the dangers of further military action. He elaborated on the past and current involvement of America and Europe in Saudi-Iran tensions, outlining the internal developments within the two countries.

Binyon also touched upon other Middle East developments such as the fighting in Syria, Libya and Egypt and the possibility of establishing peace in these countries and the region. He also explored the Brexit issue and its possible impact on the European Union and the United Kingdom in immigration, economic development, and political spheres.

In his talk, Binyon, spoke about the difference in the international political policies of the USA followed by Donald Trump and his predecessors and the consequences of American-Chinese rivalry and trade wars.  He also touched upon other areas of instability in the globe. He looked at the growing opposition to Putin in Russia, at North Korea’s nuclear program and at India-Pakistan rivalry and the Kashmir issue.

For 15 years Michael Binyon was based overseas, reporting from Moscow, Washington, Bonn and Brussels, before returning to London to be diplomatic editor in 1991 and becoming the main foreign editorial writer in 2000. He retired from the staff in 2009 but still writes for The Times and other publications, and is a frequent broadcaster for the BBC and French, German, Canadian, Russian and Middle Eastern radio and television. He published "Life in Russia" in 1983, has won two British journalism prizes and was awarded the OBE by the Queen in 2000.


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