Global Honour for CPS Academician

26 Jun, 2019 |

Ms. Amita Jayant Sanghavi has been chosen as the first World Poetry Canada International official Ambassador to Oman by World Poetry Canada International, an organization that seeks to give recognition to multicultural and multilingual poets and writers from across the world. Amita Sanghvi will represent World Poetry Canada and its 10,000 participants from 123 countries worldwide and she will have a specific mission to empower young people and others whose voices need to be heard.

Amita Sanghvi teaches English at the Centre for Preparatory Studies (CPS) at Sultan Qaboos University. She holds MA (Eng Lit) from Mumbai University, M.Phil (English) and B.Ed. She is a British Council Hornby Scholar Award recipient and pursued her second MA (English Language Teaching) from Lancaster University, UK. She has presented several academic papers in Germany, Italy, Turkey, USA Malaysia, Oman, Egypt, UK, India and Japan. Her literary journey as a poet has begun, with her first book of poems, “Lavender Memories and Other Poems”, poetry written on wonderful paintings of Omani veteran artist Ibrahim Al Noor and the book was published and launched in 2018.

Commenting on her poetic pursuit, Amita said that poetry heals the soul and connects readers. “It is with great gratitude that I take the honor of being chosen as the Ambassador of Poetry from Oman. I thank World Café Poetry and Ariadne Sawyer, the multifaceted poet, host, founder of World Poetry among other accomplished and noted roles that are for me an inspiration”.

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