1. SQU Organizes 2nd Student Research Conference
  2. SQU Holds National Workshop on BA English Program
  3. “Art is for everyone”
  4. Spotlight on Student Research
  5. Forum Discusses Digital Leadership in Information Sector
  6. Vice Chancellor Concludes Visit to Australia
  7. SQU, Jusoor, Orpic Sign Cooperation Program
  8. Conference Focuses on Innovative Approaches in ELT
  9. 8th GCC College Games: SQU Bags Eight Medals
  10. IoT Lab Opened at SQU
  11. Symposium to Promote Research in Mathematical Modelling
  12. 49 Projects on Display at 9th Engineering Forum
  13. Student Group Pilots Aquaculture of Ornamental Fish Variety
  14. Training Workshop on Trade Ideas Kicks Off
  15. SQU Hosts Workshop on Ethics of Research Involving Human Subjects
  16. Occidental of Oman Funds Equipment for SQU’s SERC
  17. Gulf Programming Contest Kicks Off
  18. Student Group Holds Biomedical Science Exhibition
  19. IBA 2019 Contest: SQU Team Bags First Place
  20. Czech Republic Senate President Visits SQU
  21. SQU Hosts Omani Moot Court Competition
  22. Project to Study Aversion Towards Teaching Profession
  23. Czech Senate President Visits SQU
  24. Conference Discusses Reality and Challenges of Student Affairs
  25. New Disease Threatens Citrus Trees in Oman
  26. SQU Staff Authors Biochemistry Lab Manual
  27. SQU, MRMWR Mark World Water Day
  28. SQU, MoAF Joint Committee Meets
  29. Brains Innovation Summits Official Meets VC
  30. AQAS Accreditation for Two Departments
  31. Independent Learning Centre Officially Launched
  32. Wooden Bridge Competition: Students Bring Home Accolades
  33. Conference Discusses Updates in Neurology and Related Fields
  34. Chief Engineer of SQU Project Revisits the University
  35. SQU to Set up Research Centers in Duqm
  36. SQU Organizes LAMAD Forum on Food Technology
  37. ‘Lamad’ Event Showcases Food Technology Research
  38. CoE Holds Symposium on Renewable Energy Systems Technology
  39. College of Nursing Marks International Day of Happiness
  40. Event Sheds Light on Institutional Arbitration
  41. SQU, Ministry of Education Sign Cooperation Program
  42. Researchers Produce Fish and Vegetables in Aquaponics System
  43. Business Week Highlights Impact of 4IR on Economy
  44. Zero Emission Campus: Field Survey Ends
  45. Conference on “Terms in Arabic: Issues and Prospects
  46. Meaningful Partnership in Islamic Studies
  47. Omanis Strongly Favor Locally Produced Food Products
  48. Oman Mathematics Committee Marks International Day of Mathematics
  49. Dr. Jokha Al Harthi on List for Top Global Literary Award
  50. Engineering Students’ Graduation Project Wins Accolades
  51. SQU, Military Technological College Sign Cooperation Program
  52. Nelson Mandela Remembered
  53. SQU Hosts Forum on Research Projects Funded by HM Trust Fund
  54. SQU Organizes Conference on “Terms in Arabic: Issues and Prospects”
  55. Workshop to Hone Jobseekers’ Skills in Port Logistics
  56. SQU Organizes Career & Training Fair 2019
  57. Zero Emission Campus: SQU Partners with German Institute
  58. Turkish Foundation, SQU to Establish Ties
  59. National Bioethics Committee Meets
  60. University of Tübingen Seeks Ties with SQU
  61. 55 Institutions Participate in SQU Career & Training Fair 2019
  62. SQU Hosts 21st ISANH Redox Congress
  63. SQU Organizes Forum on Leadership and Decision Making
  64. SQU Delegation Concludes Its Visit South Africa
  65. SQU, BP Oman Officials Review BP Fund Research Grants
  66. “Standards Vital in Ensuring Quality and Safety”
  67. Forum Highlights Leadership and Decision Making
  68. SQU Hosts International Workshop on Natural Hazards
  69. Cardiff University Seeks Ties with SQU
  70. Poster on Tokophobia Wins Accolades
  71. SQU at Muscat International Book fair
  72. Workshop on Performance Measurement Program
  73. 3rd ICAOG Discusses Advances in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  74. SQU at Muscat Book Fair
  75. ELT Conference on 11 and 12 April
  76. Focus on Floriculture
  77. Mazaya Exhibition Showcases Special Offers for Employees
  78. Tenth Agricultural Festival Launched
  79. Chemical Engineering Forum Held
  80. SQU organizes The 4th Conference of Free and Open Source Software 2019
  81. Student Group Holds Used Book Fair at Muscat City Centre
  82. SQU’s Rebranded Media Identity Turns 1
  83. Efforts to Support FOSS in the Sultanate Hailed
  84. Technical Forum Features Student Projects
  85. FOSSC 2019 Oman Kicks off
  86. SQU Honours 520 Outstanding Students
  87. College of Engineering Receives IAESTE Award
  88. Conference to Highlight Issues Related to Population in the Sultanate
  89. 1st International Conference on Unnamed Vehicle Systems
  90. SQU Hosts IFMSA Regional Meet
  91. “Political Factor is the Top Element that Affects the Price of Oil”
  92. “UVS-Oman 2019” Concludes
  93. Webometrics: SQU Ranked 1353 Globally
  94. Study Chronicles Characteristics of Illicit Drug Users Seeking Detox
  95. SQU Organizes 3rd Media Family Forum
  96. SQU’s Organic Kale Sets an Example
  97. Research Centre Receives German Student Delegation
  98. Agriculture, Fisheries Development: SQU, FAO Sign LoU
  99. Empowering Students in the Foundation Programs
  100. 95 Students Attend Winter Program for School Students
  101. SQU Organizes Technology Camp for Kids
  102. Support for Global Learning
  103. SQU, UW–Eau Claire to Boost Ties
  104. SQU, University of South Australia to Promote Cooperation
  105. SQU Receives Houston-Clear Lake Delegation
  106. University Tower Hall Opened
  107. Independent Learning Centre Workshop Concludes
  108. SQU Tower Hall Launched
  109. Council Approves Name Change of Academic Departments
  110. SQU organizes football championship.
  111. SQU Staff Football Championship Concludes
  112. Green Climate Readiness Support: SQU, FAO Sign LoA
  113. National Bioethics Committee Meets
  114. SQU Honors Turkish Students
  115. SQU holds the 2nd Customer Services Forum
  116. Forum Highlights Digital Transformation of Customer Services
  117. CAMS Workshop Addresses Whitefly Management in Tomato
  118. SQU-Institute of Public Admn. Committee Meets
  119. Information Systems Computer Lab Launched at CEPS
  120. Researchers Present Progress of Internal Grant-Funded Projects
  121. SQU Mobile App Launched
  122. MSF Hosts Workshop on Seafloor Mapping Technique
  123. On-Campus Fuel Station, Shopping Mall Planned
  124. SQU Organizes 5th Alumni Day
  125. 5th Alumni Day Held
  126. Springboard Program: SQU Teams Bring Accolades
  127. SQU Celebrates World Arabic Language Day
  128. SQU Signs Letter of Intent with Salalah Methanol
  129. SQU Holds Training Program in Logistics and Supply Chain in Aviation Sector
  130. SQU, Omantel Joint Committee Meets
  131. Workshop for Internal Audit Panel Members Held
  132. Main Library Organizes (Awalem) Event
  133. CEPS Gets EQUIS Accreditation
  134. Best Sports College Award: New Initiative to Promote Sports
  135. Smoke Emissions from Shinas Copper Mine Due to Sulphide Combustion
  136. SQU, NFRCEC to Tie-up on Research
  137. SQU Hosts 2nd Blockchain Symposium
  138. SQU Hosts MEACR Annual Meet
  139. Dr. Ahmed Al Salman Elected as Fellow of TWAS
  140. Opportunities in Future Technologies
  141. SQU and the GULF 3 International Conference
  142. Need for More Mental Health Services for the Young
  143. Sustainability through Reuse Centre
  144. CAMS Hosts International Workshop on Innovative Marine Management
  145. SQU Celebrates World Soil Day; International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  146. SQU Marks International Day for Persons with Disabilities
  147. Start-ups Should Address Social Problems: Dr. Belgacem Haba
  148. SQU, RAP-Green Sign Cooperation Agreement
  149. SQU Hosts the 4th Science & Technology Exchange Program
  150. SQU organizes the 1st open day for Student exchange
  151. Public Speaking Contest: Student Teams Win Third Place
  152. SQU Academician Wins L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship
  153. Oman’s Trade Potential with IORA Member States
  154. University of Denver Explores Ties with SQU
  155. SQU, Charles University to Boost Ties
  156. “Your University Celebrates” 48th National Day
  157. SQU Celebrates 29th Graduation Ceremony of the Scientific Colleges
  158. Counselling Psychology Conference Kicks Off
  159. Workshop Discusses Outcomes of Mango, Lime Diseases Research
  160. 1303 Students from Scientific Colleges Graduate
  161. Medical and Nursing Graduates Take Oath
  162. Big turnout at “Walk for Your Health” Walkathon
  163. SQU organizes Japan’s open day
  164. Utilizing Drilling Waste in Cement Industry Ensures Sustainability
  165. SQU Celebrates Omani Women’s Day
  166. Growth in Demand for IP Right is a Good Indicator
  167. SQU Hosts Japan Day
  168. Prof. Sabah Bags Qatar Green Research Award
  169. SQU celebrates 29th graduation ceremony (humanities Colleges)
  170. CSD, RMO Holds Workshop on Operational Risk
  171. SQU Wins OER Power Brands 2018 Award
  172. SQU, IDO Holding Sign Research and Innovation Cooperation Program
  173. Conference Highlights Frankincense and Medicinal Plants Research
  174. 1651 Students Receive Their Degrees at Inspiring Graduation Ceremony
  175. Saudi University Explores Ties with SQU
  176. Humanities Students to Celebrate Graduation Today
  177. Daytime Sleepiness Common among Young Omani Drivers
  178. International Award for Dean of College of Education
  179. Omani-French Friendship Association Honors Dr. Kamla Al Busaidi
  180. SQU to Teach Students Values, Rights and Responsibilities as Citizens
  181. Lakehead University Delegation Visits SQU
  182. SQU to Host Middle East Cancer Research Association Meeting
  183. Educational Psychology Faculty Holds Research Forum
  184. Latest developments in research and postgraduate studies highlighted
  185. Spotlight on Oman’s Maritime Heritage
  186. Lakehead University Seeks Ties with SQU
  187. NBC Holds Panel Discussion on Ethics in Research and Publication
  188. SQU Hosts WIPO-Oman Summer School
  189. Muscat Finance Extends Support for Research and Innovation at SQU
  190. ACM-OCPC: SQU Teams Bag First and Third Prizes
  191. Climate Impacts on Water Resources
  192. SQU Organizes Oman Collegiate Programing Contest
  193. 29th Graduation Ceremony on 28 Oct, 11 Nov
  194. Student Group Marks World Food Day 2018
  195. Conference Highlights Trends in Innovative Mathematics Curriculum
  196. SQU This Week
  197. European IT Security Advisor Visits SQU
  198. Award for Excellence in Child Health Nursing
  199. Repeat Migration of bar-tailed godwits wintering at Barr Al Hikman
  200. Conference Stresses on Sport and Sustainable Development
  201. Outstanding Scientist Award for Nurse Educator
  202. Forum Highlights Student Counselling Services
  203. SQU This Week
  204. Forum Highlights Machine Learning in Remote Sensing
  205. New Book Explores Link between Food and Huntington’s disease
  206. Majors Fair 2018: Spotlight on 60 Academic Majors
  207. UNESCO-APCEIU Chief Visits SQU
  208. Oman Does Exceedingly Well in Student Exchange
  209. THE: SQU Enters World’s Top Universities’ List
  210. SQU This Week
  211. SQU Hosts Dinner in Honor of New Staff
  212. CEPS Gets One Step Closer to Accreditation
  213. SQU, NRAA Approve Private Records Management System
  214. Forum Highlights Remote Sensing Applications in Physical Oceanography
  215. SQU, Starcare Hospital Join Hands for Nursing Training, Research
  216. SQU, University of Nizwa Prepare for Conference on Frankincense
  217. SQU This Week
  218. SQU, Oman Munition Production Company Sign Cooperation Program
  219. The Sultanate, Represented by SQU, Joins UNESCO IGCP
  220. Bioethics Committee Discusses International Legislation on Paternity
  221. DPS Holds Orientation Day for New Postgraduate Students 
  222. Career Guidance: SQU, Ooredoo Sign Cooperation Program
  223. Nanotechnology Helps Extend Shelf Life of Local Vegetables
  224. A New Centre for Innovation & Technology Transfer
  225. Student Council Election: Nominations Open on 10 Sept
  226. SQU, ‘be’ah’ Join Hands to Set up Reuse Centre
  227. Experts Lead SQU Training Course on Sustainable Energy
  228. Conference on Frankincense and Medicinal Plants in October
  229. SQU This Week
  230. SQU and Petrofac sign Sponsorship Agreement
  231. Ways to Make Farming More Sustainable
  232. SQU Marks Renaissance Day
  233. Ways to Make Math Fun for Kids
  234. Prerequisites for Significant Learning
  235. Omani Studies Centre Team Visits Brunei
  236. Conference to Address Research Management
  237. Cooperation Program to Promote Date Palm Sector in Oman
  238. SQU, Orpic Sign LoA for Funding Engineering Design Lab
  239. Dead Zones of the Western Arabian Sea
  240. Conference to Address All Aspects of Unmanned Vehicle Systems
  241. SQU Gets Patent for New Antimicrobial Formula
  242. SQU Council Approves Center for Innovation & Technology Transfer
  243. SQU Signs Cooperation Agreement with Muscat Securities Market
  244. Information Systems Students ‘Capture’ the Cybersecurity Flag
  245. SQU This Week
  246. SQU, Al Buraimi Solar Energy Systems Sign Cooperation Program
  247. SQU, Oman Oil Marketing Company Sign Sponsorship Agreement
  248. “Anwaar Ramadhan” Exhibition Features Pics of the Past
  249. Association of Arab Universities Executive Council Meets at SQU
  250. CAMS Academic’s Book Deals with Food Microbial Analyses
  251. SQU This Week
  252. Forum on Future Media Discusses Media Sector Challenges
  253. SQU This Week
  254. SQU Hosts Pearl Initiative Award Ceremony
  255. Huge Enthusiasm for Blockchain Technology in Oman
  256. First Phase of Solar Parking Shades Opened
  257. MSF Students Visit Oman Aquarium Project
  258. Nursing Students Urge Evidence-based Maternity Care Practice
  259. Project Examines Population Structures of Spiny Lobster along Oman’s Coastline
  260. Workshop Sheds Light on “Integration of Technology into Nursing Education”
  261. New Patent for Invention based on “Therapeutic Composition for Treating Gangrene”
  262. SQU This Week
  263. HMTF Projects 2018 Announced
  264. 18th SQU Day Celebrated with Grandeur
  265. SQU Signs Research Cooperation Program with OAPGRC
  266. SQU Organizes First Aid Workshop for School Children
  267. New Assessment Unit Facility at CPS
  268. Statistics to become Independent Department at SQU
  269. Dr. Mona Al Said Receives Charles University’s Gold Medal
  270. SQU This Week
  271. ELT Conference Addresses Current Perspectives, Trends and Challenges
  272. Workshop Highlights Nutritional Antioxidants Therapy
  273. Academics Co-edit Volume on Cancer Prevention and Treatments
  274. Power Station and Transmission Lab Opened
  275. Conference Focuses on Law, Economic and Social Transformations
  276. SQU Marks Biomedical Laboratory Science Day
  277. SQU, RUDN University to Boost Ties
  278. Commercially Valuable Bioproducts from Waste Paper
  279. Forum Highlights Role of Information Specialists in Smart Society
  280. IS Department Holds Industry Advisory Board Meeting
  281. SQU This Week
  282. Jordanian NDC Delegation visits SQU
  283. The Earthquake Monitoring Center and Seismic Hazard Studies in the Sultanate
  284. Research Workshops and Training Held
  285. The Story of a Lighting Revolution
  286. Patent for “Method of Making an Ajwa Date-Based Treatment for Snake Envenomation”
  287. SQU Holds the First Students’ Conference for Scientific Research
  288. Engineering Students Projects on Display
  289. SQU Hosts National Conference on Civil & Architectural Engineering
  290. SQU, Ministry Mark World Water Day 2018
  291. Forum Deliberates Business Intelligence and Big Data Analysis
  292. SQU-Ministry of Higher Education Joint Committee Meets
  293. Forum Addresses Soil System as Foundation of Food Security
  294. Framework for Making Oman an Innovation Hub
  295. CETL Official Opening Held
  296. SQU, University of Nizwa to Enhance Ties
  297. SQU This Week
  298. SQU Receives Egyptian Minister of Higher Education
  299. SQU Team Wins Robot Championship
  300. Conference Discusses Risk Management Practices
  301. Institutional Accreditation
  302. SQU This Week
  303. SQU Launches its New Media Identity
  304. Neuroprotective Effects of Plant Extracts
  305. Technical Festival Features 20 ICT Projects
  306. ICT Accessibility: Oman Well-positioned to Continue Playing a Leading Role
  307. SQU Team Makes Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Research
  308. Sensor-activated Taps Most Effective for Saving Water
  309. Study Underscores the Need for Stronger School-University Partnerships
  310. Study Identifies Factors Impeding Entrepreneurial Growth in Oman
  311. OCMB Hosts Frontiers in Marine Biotechnology Conference
  312. SQU Council Approves Master’s Program in Psychological Counselling
  313. Nursing Conference Focuses on Technology and Innovation
  314. Microbial Fuel Cells: A Promising Energy Source
  315. Researcher Prepares Database of Aquatic Plants in Wadis
  316. Blended Learning Approach Can Tackle Transitional Academic Challenges
  317. Medical Research Centre to Focus on Themes Relevant to Oman

SQU Council held its second meeting for the academic year 2018/2019 on Sunday, 6 January 2019 at the University Council hall. H.E. Dr. Rawya bint Saud Al Busaidi, Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education and Chairperson of the Council chaired the meeting.
The council reviewed the final report of the three year ‘Young Explorer’ Summer Program from the summer of 2015 until the summer of 2017. It is considered as one of the unique summer programs of Oman University Project that was implemented in collaboration with SQU.
The council adopted the proposal to amend the appointment list of Omanis for the academic posts at SQU. It also approved the introduction of the Master’s program in Fine Arts and Arts Teaching specializations at the College of Education.
In addition, the council adopted the proposal of changing the name of the Physical Education Department to “Physical Education and Sport Sciences” Department in order to meet the society’s need for specialists in non-teaching areas such as management of sport and recreational activities, sports training, physical preparation, sports rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises.
The Council also adopted the proposal of changing the name of the Early Childhood Education Department to Early Education Department in line with Department’s plan to introduce new specializations in early/primary education in the first cycle of basic education and in line with the department’s future objectives which are based on the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).


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