1. “Anwaar Ramadhan” Exhibition Features Pics of the Past
  2. Association of Arab Universities Executive Council Meets at SQU
  3. CAMS Academic’s Book Deals with Food Microbial Analyses
  4. SQU This Week
  5. Good Nutrition during Ramadan
  6. Forum on Future Media Discusses Media Sector Challenges
  7. SQU This Week
  8. SQU Hosts Pearl Initiative Award Ceremony
  9. Huge Enthusiasm for Blockchain Technology in Oman
  10. First Phase of Solar Parking Shades Opened
  11. MSF Students Visit Oman Aquarium Project
  12. Nursing Students Urge Evidence-based Maternity Care Practice
  13. Project Examines Population Structures of Spiny Lobster along Oman’s Coastline
  14. Workshop Sheds Light on “Integration of Technology into Nursing Education”
  15. New Patent for Invention based on “Therapeutic Composition for Treating Gangrene”
  16. SQU This Week
  17. HMTF Projects 2018 Announced
  18. 18th SQU Day Celebrated with Grandeur
  19. SQU Signs Research Cooperation Program with OAPGRC
  20. SQU Organizes First Aid Workshop for School Children
  21. New Assessment Unit Facility at CPS
  22. Statistics to become Independent Department at SQU
  23. Dr. Mona Al Said Receives Charles University’s Gold Medal
  24. SQU This Week
  25. ELT Conference Addresses Current Perspectives, Trends and Challenges
  26. Workshop Highlights Nutritional Antioxidants Therapy
  27. Academics Co-edit Volume on Cancer Prevention and Treatments
  28. Power Station and Transmission Lab Opened
  29. Conference Focuses on Law, Economic and Social Transformations
  30. SQU Marks Biomedical Laboratory Science Day
  31. SQU, RUDN University to Boost Ties
  32. Commercially Valuable Bioproducts from Waste Paper
  33. Forum Highlights Role of Information Specialists in Smart Society
  34. IS Department Holds Industry Advisory Board Meeting
  35. SQU This Week
  36. Jordanian NDC Delegation visits SQU
  37. The Earthquake Monitoring Center and Seismic Hazard Studies in the Sultanate
  38. Research Workshops and Training Held
  39. The Story of a Lighting Revolution
  40. Patent for “Method of Making an Ajwa Date-Based Treatment for Snake Envenomation”
  41. SQU Holds the First Students’ Conference for Scientific Research
  42. Engineering Students Projects on Display
  43. SQU Hosts National Conference on Civil & Architectural Engineering
  44. SQU, Ministry Mark World Water Day 2018
  45. Forum Deliberates Business Intelligence and Big Data Analysis
  46. SQU-Ministry of Higher Education Joint Committee Meets
  47. Forum Addresses Soil System as Foundation of Food Security
  48. Framework for Making Oman an Innovation Hub
  49. CETL Official Opening Held
  50. SQU, University of Nizwa to Enhance Ties
  51. SQU This Week
  52. SQU Receives Egyptian Minister of Higher Education
  53. SQU Team Wins Robot Championship
  54. Conference Discusses Risk Management Practices
  55. Institutional Accreditation
  56. SQU This Week
  57. SQU Launches its New Media Identity
  58. Neuroprotective Effects of Plant Extracts
  59. Technical Festival Features 20 ICT Projects
  60. ICT Accessibility: Oman Well-positioned to Continue Playing a Leading Role
  61. SQU Team Makes Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Research
  62. Sensor-activated Taps Most Effective for Saving Water
  63. Study Underscores the Need for Stronger School-University Partnerships
  64. Study Identifies Factors Impeding Entrepreneurial Growth in Oman
  65. OCMB Hosts Frontiers in Marine Biotechnology Conference
  66. SQU Council Approves Master’s Program in Psychological Counselling
  67. Nursing Conference Focuses on Technology and Innovation
  68. Microbial Fuel Cells: A Promising Energy Source
  69. Researcher Prepares Database of Aquatic Plants in Wadis
  70. Blended Learning Approach Can Tackle Transitional Academic Challenges
  71. Medical Research Centre to Focus on Themes Relevant to Oman

The College of Economics & Political Science at Sultan Qaboos University hosted “Pearl Initiative Award Ceremony” under the patronage of Hon. Dr. Saeed Mubarak Al Muharrami, Member of the State Council, and Associate Professor at the College on 9 May. Pearl Initiative is a leading independent private sector-led, not-for-profit institution working across the region to influence and improve corporate accountability, transparency and governance.

With the support of the Siemens Integrity Initiative, the Pearl Initiative regularly holds Case Study Competitions for business and law students from the leading universities in the Gulf region to do research and submit Case studies or corporate good practices. This year, 35 students from the College of Economics and Political Science participated in the competition along with students from leading universities in the GCC.

Speaking on the occasion, Carla Koffel, Executive Director of The Pearl Initiative, expressed her gratitude to SQU’s College of Economics & Political Science for the strong partnership between the two organizations in organizing Case Study opportunities for students. “For the last five years Pearl Initiative has involved in university students in the research and writing process. So far, more than 1000 students from 20 universities in the GCC and 300 companies have participated in this initiative. The Case studies contain information that the business community across the world, and the region in particular, can benefit from, with adoptable best practices that can be adapted to suit individual corporation’s needs. Regional universities also refer to the report as teaching material”, she said.

In his address, Dr. Saeed Mubarak Al Muharrami congratulated the students from different GCC universities who participated in this competition and worked very hard to write good governance case studies about GCC companies. “At the core of global economic crisis in 2008 is a collapse of trust in the capital markets.  The lack of accountability, proper regulatory controls and transparency all played a role in that financial crisis. There had been insufficient respect for values that incorporate ethical dimensions while addressing profitability. Therefore, investors not only need to look at the short-term benefits but also look into how the business will be in long run. Decisions on investment are not just about returns but are also about ensuring healthy, productive and sustainable economies and societies”, he said. In this regard, he lauded the efforts of the Pearl Initiative for its efforts to improve corporate accountability, transparency and governance.

Damien O’Riordan, Head of Internal Audit, Bank Muscat gave the keynote address on the occasion.

Students from CEPS, Mariam Habib Juma Al-Lawati and Rawiya Mohammed Juma Al-Harthi who did their case study about Bank Muscat came in the fourth position and Siham Salim Al-Hadhrami and Zainab Abdullah Al-Hinai, who did a case study about Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) came in the fifth position in the top 10 winners’ list of the  GCC wide case study competition.





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