Students’ Documentary Film Wins Third Place

09 Dec, 2019 |

A documentary film "Bibi Maryam" made by a student team from the Information Department, College of Arts and Social Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University won the third place in Sharjah First University Film Festival. The film was produced in 2019 as a graduation project by students of the Radio and Television section. The film was directed by Moath Al-Nadabi, filmed by Muzna Al-Hadi and Musabeh Al-Araimi, edited by Hamad Al-Balushi, scripted by Fatima Al-Hadabi under the supervision of Dr. Hussein Khalifa, a visiting professor at the Information Department. The team showed their readiness, willingness and passion to work during pre-production, production postproduction, as it reflects their skills and experience they had gained during 4 years of academic and field level.

The film tells the story of the Bibi Mariam shrine, which is in the city of Qalhat located near the coastal road between Qurayyat and Sur. The film documented the history of the shrine and demystify the mistaken and prevailing beliefs about it, and promote it as a landmark in Qalhat archeological land, which was included in the UNESCO Heritage List in 2018. The film is seeking to deliver its message of creating a societal awareness on the importance of in-depth research to find the truth and not to believe in the prevailing beliefs.

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