'Close-by': Volunteer Week Activities Kicks off

04 Nov, 2019 |

The activities of the Volunteer Week under the theme ‘Qurb’ (Close-by), organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs for three consecutive days, commenced at the university on 3 November 2019. The exhibition features seven stations: Engineering, Medical, Literary, Technical, Scientific, Entertainment and Bank Muscat. Each of the corner featured modern and innovative student projects from different colleges and universities, giving students the opportunity to showcase their volunteer work and creativity. The exhibition also features several additional pillars, the most important of which is the Photography Corner. On the sidelines of the event, two workshops will be held on the theme of the exhibition to reach the objectives of the exhibition to the community.

The exhibition seeks to harness the creativity of young people from various fields to serve the community and volunteer work, and highlight their ideas and inventions to serve volunteering. It also seeks to shed light on the inventions of students in this aspect, in addition to show their volunteering activities in proportion to their orientations, and to inform the community of aspects of volunteering.



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